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 Pierre Bataille is the sculptor who has dared to "transcribe "on wooden panels the whole of " the Bayeux Tapestry ".

The media, the press, the TV's, have all hailed the courage, the  uniqueness  and the  quality of this Undertaking  which enables the blind to "Discover" the famous masterpiece of the Xlth century.

 Pierre Bataille has then passionately drawn and carved a  series  of   low-relief  panels  depicting  the  heroic enterprises of Jacques Cartier , of the Pilgrim Fathers and the Mayflower.

There is only the shortest of short steps from wood to stone, and Pierre Bataille has taken that step when he  restored  the  two  large  statues   of  the  French National Assembly, and  then moved on  to  modern statues using iron and resin.

The international character of his achievements has enabled Pierre  Bataille  to  represent  one  aspect of  French  art  in numerous  exhibitions  abroad  notably  in  Norway , Great Britain, Germany or the U.S.A. where  the  city  of  Detroit offered him to take part in a competition for a statue of its founder, Cadillac.

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